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Car Exterior polishing and strong protective care. Car Exterior (200ml set)
sell 2012-01-16
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Balti Kaubad ja Teenused AS
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Allseason, eco product protects car body from corrosion, dirt and friction in slushy weather and in winter. It also gives shine and guarantees your satisfaction. One set is enough to cover your car 9 times. Factory nanoFormula sells Car.Exterior and other eco products by retail in own internet shop.
Protective layer consists of polymer included in nanoparticles which reliable protects painted surfaces. Both: liquid product and layer don’t content volatile matter, which may evaporate and nano composition remain along in surface. It is important because nanoparticles silent epidemic is not enough known yet. So nanoparticles are always bounded and harmless in product. Protected exterior is easy to clean by only wet wipe with water or with nanoFormula car cleaner - without any environmental pollution. It is Eco – smart nanoprotect polish product.
Car.Exterior set is enough for treatment middle car 8-9 times (300ml set). Products consumption is 3-5 g/m2.

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