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sell 2012-05-18
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jason yuan
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DongGuan Bill Laser Devices Co.,Ltd
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No.1,The first floor,Communication Technology Building,Wandao Road,Wan
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Laser lenses produced by Bill Laser, its product has high international market share. we main production of CO2 laser lens: lens, window mirror, ATFR, phase transformation mirror, laser mirror, output mirrors. Bill Laser company has been long-term supplier by many domestic and international well-known manufacturer. One cylinder lens plating low absorption increase polishing semipermeable film lens in the laser can produce less heat, improve the stability of the focus position, some application of cutting, carving rate and improve the ability to withstand glance, better resistance to wipe clean performance and improve the service life, can better handle the radioactive coating.

About Bill Laser

o has more than 10 years of CO2 Laser lens r&d and manufacturing experience

o strong global research and development and technical team, army level standard products quality guarantee

o designed with global many models

o company in either Europe or in Asia, practice have proof: Bill Laser lens can let you: "focus more on cutting," spot carving better

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