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sell 2017-06-13
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Mansoura for Resins & Chemical Industries Co. (MRI) is a pioneer Company for production of Formaldehyde, Resins and Chemicals in Egypt, Middle East & Africa. It is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001, certified company with latest technological standards. MRI is a recognized leader and a Global Player in its industry with exports to more than 15 countries across different continents. MRI is equipped with a unique combination of best production technology, experienced team, strong infrastructure, and excellent location.
Mansoura for Resins & Chemicals Industries Co. (MRI) is located in Mansoura city in Egypt and is about 40 km from Damietta port. It was established with manufacturing technologies from Denmark (Haldor Topsoe), Japan (Mitsubishi), and Switzerland (Studli). The products produced and marketed by MRI such as MICRO TOSCHKY FERTILIZER,colourless clear liquid:
This Fertilizer contains all the micro elements which are essential for all plants ie, iron, manganese, Zinc, cupper, in chelates form , plus Boron, molybdenum and cobalt. Also it contains some secondary elements such as sulphur and magnesium,
This compound fertilizer has magic effect on plant yield.
Each 100 gm of the fertilizer dissolved in 100 litre of water to be used as foliar spray on plant leaves . the spray may be repeated 3 times each 15 days. this fertilizer must not be used at flowering time
It is prefered to add small amout of urea ( 300 gm / 100L ) with the fertilizer
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