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CuNi Wire For Contact -CuNi10 (C70600)
sell 2017-10-06
Contact name :
Mr. James Chiu
Company :
Hang Jing Co., Ltd.
Address :
2F-1, No. 108, Sec. 3, Chongsin Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City.
Country :
Taiwan, R.O.C
Phone :
Website :
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CuNi Wire For Contact.

Alloy code: CuNi10(C70600).

Diameter: 0.10~5.00 mm; Round. We supply any specification depends on your demand.

Packaging: Bobbin, Coil, Match the specification customers request.

Characteristics: Good compatibility and stability.

Application: Contacts, Circuit breaker and Resistor.

In addition to Phosphor bronze wire, Tin copper wire and Nickel silver wire(sheet/strip), we also offer various types of non-ferrous metal wire.

If you have any requirement or question on our products, please kindly contact us at anytime. Thanks so much!

(1) Shipping term: FOB Korea or CIF.
(2) Payment term: T/T or L/C 100% at sight.
(3) M.O.Q. will be adjusted based on the specification.

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