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Common Rail Nozzle
sell 2017-11-06
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China lutong Parts Plant
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Dufeng Industrial Zone,Hanjiang
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Common Rail Nozzle DLLA143P1069 0 433 171 695

China Lutong Parts Plant is a set design,production and sales in one of the auto parts factory.
China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional OEM & Aftermarket parts supplier, which specialized in diesel engine parts.Our main products include Head Rotor (VE Pump Parts), Injector Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, Control Valves, Injectors, Cam Disk, Repair Kits,Feed Pump and more.China Lutong Parts Plant is your online Diesel Engine Parts Store,offers a highly efficient way of purchasing high performance Auto parts.
The injector of the Common Rail System contains the injection nozzle, an actuator in the case of piezo injectors or a solenoid valve in the case of solenoid injectors plus the hydraulic and electrical connections to trigger the nozzle module. An injector connected to the rail via a short high-pressure line is installed in each engine cylinder.

Any comments,please contact Shary,Hope we can working together.

Any comments,please contact me Shary,Hope we can working together.

Whatsapp: 008613666938275 

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Nozzle SN TYPE 105015-9031 DLLA154SN903 6SA1/A425 
Nozzle PN TYPE 105017-0620 DLLA154PN062 4BC2/P466 
Nozzle PN TYPE 105017-0640 DLLA154PN064 4BG1/P465 
Nozzle PN TYPE 105017-1100 DLLA156PN110 6BG1/A500 
Nozzle PN TYPE 105017-1550 DLLA154PN155 4JB1 
Nozzle PN TYPE 105017-1590 DLLA160PN159 /EXPORT 
Nozzle PN TYPE 105017-1730 DLLA154PN173 4JA1T 
Nozzle PN TYPE 105017-1770 DLLA153PN177 /TFR4JB1T 4JB1T/OHMP034 
Nozzle PN TYPE 105017-1780 DLLA153PN178 /JMCTFR4JB1-NA 4JB1/OHMP035 

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