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Toroidal Power Transformers
sell 2017-11-15
Contact name :
Nelson Gomes
Company :
Yudzhen LLC.
Address :
Tekhnicheskaya St., 6, Vitebsk Region, Novopolotsk - 211440
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We manufacture toroidal transformers for halogen lamps with voltage 12V and power of 20 to 600VA, for mains 50 Hz, 220V. Maximal overheat temperature is 45°C.

Marking TM is used for transformers with a reusable fuses in the primary winding break, which actuation temperature is 100°C.

Retail sales of Toroidal power transformers for halogen lamps are offered by:
LLC “Sunenergy”, Minsk, Belarus

- Over 24 years of experience in Manufacturing,
- Highly Qualified Specialists,
- Price Match,
- Flexible Payment Terms & Conditions,
- Use of High Quality Materials,
- State of the Art Equipment from Europe,
- Strict vigilant production control,

We ship the finished orders in parts incase of larger quantities, once the clients requested order has been completed. However, for smaller shipments then we do not have any shipping policy in place.

Shipping of the finished orders are packed in Normal Cardboard Boxes,
Dimensions would vary as per order:
315x315x420 - 0.45Kg
260x260x140 - 0.30Kg
315x315x140 - 0.40Kg

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