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Coir Pellets
sell 2018-01-11
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Nitrifying granules produced from the main ingredients are coconut pimples and nutrients mixed in a reasonable proportion. Tablets contain many nutrients that are good for seed nursing. Help seed germinate and stimulate the growth of the root system, 100% organic, easy to use when nursing seed.
Main uses: Seed pellet is a perfect replacement for seed nurseries in conventional nylon bags when seedling. Grafting tablets help to overcome the "broken gourd" disadvantage when nursing seedlings with conventional nursing bags and do not leave the environmental damage caused by complete decay in the soil.
Remarkable advantages of the product: seed pellets save maximum transport costs, labor due to compact size after compact, easy and simple to use when nursing seeds. In addition, granulated seedlings help save on the care that has already filled the nutrients for common seed germination and good growth.
Directions: Place the seed pellet into the tray. Then water and seed the seedlings in the water until the hatch is about three times as much as initially. When nursing seeds, seed the seedlings into a hole in the seed pellet. To enter the cool, watered spray to moisturize the seedlings tablets every day. When the seed sprouts and grows into a seedlings, the roots grow through the seedlings to allow the seedlings to be seeded (or put into a pot) to continue growing.
If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us at email: info@vdelta.com.vn
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