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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
sell 2018-05-16
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Ms. Joanna
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Building C, JinHui Industrial Park, LiXin Town, East City District 523
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Recently, AI SI LI Company will attend an exhibition -- The Guanghzou International Lighting Exhibition

The Guanghzou International Lighting Exhibition only selects the very best suppliers; those who combined human-centric lighting designs and technology with creative concepts. Over 2,400 lighting, component and LED technology manufacturers will arrive from around the world to meet in the heart of China's lighting industry - Guangzhou.

The exhibition will start from 9th, June to 12th, June, 2018 in China Import and Export Fair Complex Guangzhou, China.

If you are interested in our products, warmly welcome to have a look at our booth! We are waiting for you!

AI SI LI Testing Equipment Company :
Hall No. 1.1 , Booth A19 .

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