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ES-3A displacement vibration test system
sell 2018-05-16
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Ms. Joanna
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Building C, JinHui Industrial Park, LiXin Town, East City District 523
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We are manufacturer of electrical vibration series products, adopted the 'double-magnetic circuit structure','self-generated skeleton action circles', 'Airborne Support' and 'roller bearings and linear guidance','trunnion isolation' advanced modern technology
and special technology, can be completed in X, Y, Z three-axis sinusoidal vibration test and broadband random vibration tests, to be completed
by the classical (half - sine, trapezoidal, sawtooth wave) pulse and shock response spectrum test. High Frequency Vibration Tester widely
used in national defense, weapons, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, communications,
home appliances and other fields.

1. Well-designed dynamic circle skeleton, with a higher stage axial resonance frequency.
2. Two-magnetic circuit, magnetic flux leakage low, compact structure and rational.
3. Rocker Rod roller bearings straight and import-oriented composite body stiffness orientation, eccentric load capacity.
4. Trunnion isolation foundation dedicated to hormone use, the installation of mobile convenience.
5. Advanced technology move around the system to ensure that the dynamic circle of high reliability.
6. New duct design and enhance the cooling effect.
7. Static stiffness, dynamic stiffness of the bearing small balloon, raising the vibration table bearing capacity, improve low-frequency performance.

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