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JUKI Intelligent smart feeder calibration jig
sell 2018-06-06
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Angelina Yang
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Reliable Electronics Co.,Ltd
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NO.65,Huimao road,Gongming street,Baoan zone,Shenzhen city,Guangdong 5
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Name of commodity: intelligent Feeder calibration jigs
Weight :45KG (net weight)
the size of goods (mm): L540*W350*H600
Power supply: 220V

Intelligent Feeder calibration jigs:
Products with pressure as a driving force, can be used for dynamic linking point, simulated feeding; with 120 times industrial grade the magnifying glass, 8.4 inches of liquid display, single, double as a built-in X axis, Y, Z axis reference point reference scales,
Scale with digital function, can save the data after adjusting to determine;
Product streamline design, overall appearance generous and simple;
The built-in dual power: 110V, 220V
Attachment: the rules, lighting, material belt scale;

One calibrator can install different brands Feeder positioning base ,if your company have multiple brands Mounter, but only need to buy a calibrator, and then add required Feeder positioning base, can meet the use requirement;
The product parameters: 12 inch LCD display with a cross scale 50 times color CCD camera

Application of feeder models: FUJI , JUKI , Panasonic, KME ,SANYO, YAMAHA, SAMSUNG , SONY.

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