A global B2B Marketplace

A global B2B Marketplace
API & pharmaceutical intermediates supplier
sell 2018-06-12
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Taicang Newage Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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3rd floor, Building B, No.88 Beijing East Road
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My name is Thomas, I am international marketing and sales manager of Taicang Newage Biotechnology Co., Ltd., producer and trader.
Taicang Newage Biotechnology is mainly engaged in the research and development of API, pharmaceutical intermediates and the production of fine chemical products. The products can be provided from gram to tonnage of our products and can customize its services.
Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and all of our processes are designed to help them create market-leading products through our commitment to quality, service and innovation.
Our main words: high quality - little price.
Feel free to ask me for products, I will be more than happy to produce or source it for you.
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