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Fiberglass Mesh Coating Machine
sell 2018-12-06
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Nanjing Huapeng Fiberglass Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
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Nanjing Huapeng Fiberglass Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
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Yinghu Road
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Functions:mainly used for post treatment of scrim glass cloth incl.those for external wall reinforcement,special purpose reinforcement,grinding disc reinforcement and electric insulation cloth for transformers.
Dryer mode:elevated and horizontal
Structure an process flow: grey cloth unwind-impregnation-drying-pulling-cloth conveying -wound up
Heat up source:mainly by electricity and gas,options incl.heat carrier and coal
Working width:typical 1000~2200mm,max up to 5000mm
Lineal speed:usually at 3~20m/min,can be 10~30m/min
Features:pneumatic impregnation,resin content adjustable,constant tension for pulling an woun up,constant lineal speed,speed variation by frequency converter,deviation rectification by photocell,electronic meter,reel up at fixed length,non stop change over,edge trimmer,clean cut edges,tightly wound up,air shaft is equipped with safety clamps,multi heat up modes of dryer for option.Hot air circulation can save energy by 30%.Fast lineal speed,high degree automation,ease of operation and labor saving.
Miscellaneous multiple options of ancillaries,such as single width and double width,one way out pulling cloth and two way out pulling cloth from the same dryer.
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