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A global B2B Marketplace
sell 2019-01-18
Contact name :
Cherry Zhou
Company :
Huge Technology Automation Co.,Ltd
Address :
Unit 901 Fengrun Financial Holding Group Building B site No.1008 Anlin
Country :
Phone :
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Marketing Representative: Cherry Zhou Tel: +8618050035547 E-mail: Sales2@nseauto.com Skype: 8618050035547 QQ: 2054545150 Whatsapp: +8618050035547 The picture showed is just for reference. We have a lot of spare parts in stock currently,they are ready to be shipped.All the spare parts sold are provided with 1 year warranty.At the same time we have our own inventory and also as s distributor and supplier a large number or spare parts to bring you the best solution for your procurement work to facilitate. We have large of inventory for our company's advantage products. ABB RDCO-01C ICFC16L1 RPBA-01 APBU-44C 07XS01 07YS03 07ZE23 07PR22 07NG20 FAU810 ai561 ai562 ai563 ao561 AO523 AI523 AX521 DC551 DC523 DI524 DC522 AI531 AX522 DA501 DX522 DX531 ax561 ci860 cpm810 dc532 di810 di811 di840 di880 dp840 pdp800 tb820v2 tb840a tpm810 vpm810 pm564-tp pm564-rp pm564-rp-ac pm564-rp-eth pm564-rp-eth-ac pm564-tp-eth pm554-t pm554-tp pm554-tp-eth pm554-rp pm554-rp-ac PM581 PM554 PM564 PM571 PM592-ETH PM592 CI801 TP830 RDCU-12C EPRO CON 021 PR6426/000-030 PR6424/000-030 Extend the cord 8 meters CON021 PR6423/003-030-CN PR9268/303-100 GE IC694BEM331 DS200IIBDG1AEA DS200IIBDG1AGA IC200ALG230 IC200CHS002 IC670MDL640 IC670CHS002 IC670MDL930 IC670GBI002 IS220PVIBH1A IS400AEBMH1AJD YOKOGAWA T9070CB AAI835-H00 EC401-50 PW502 AAI543-H00 VI701-S1 ADV151-P00 ATD5A-00 AIP571 HONEYWELL CC-PDOB01 CC-PDIL01 8C-PAOHAI 8C-PAIMAI 8C-TDILA1 8C-TAIXA1 8C-PDODA1 8C-PDILA1 51402089-100 51401052-100 51401583-100 51400997-200 51402755-100 51402615-400 51402083-100 621-6575RC 621-3580RC 621-6550RC 621-1180RC 620-0080 620-0036 621-9933C XFL524B XSL514 BENTLY NEVADA DS200IIBDG1AEA DS200IIBDG1AGA 330106-05-30-10-02-00 330180-51-00 9200-01-05-10-00 330130-040-03-CN 330103-00-08-10-02-00 330103-00-09-05-02-CN 330103-00-11-05-02-CN 330103-00-10-05-02-CN 84661-8 40113-02

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