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Activin A ELISA kit
sell 2019-01-18
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John Smith
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United Kingdom
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Activin A is a cytokine which is composed of a 14kDa beta-A homodimer. There is evidence to indicate that inhibins and activins are responsible for modulating the growth and differentiation of many different cell types. These two cytokines work in opposing actions where inhibins are inhibiting and activins are activating, for example during the secretion of follitropin through the pituitary gland.
The standard product that is utilised in this activin A ELISA kit is a recombinant activin A that is consists of two 116 amino acids, single chains, having a total molecular weight of 26KDa.

Key Facts:
- Full Name: Activin A ELISA Kit
- Reactivity: Human
- Senssitivity: < 12.0 pg/ml
- Sample Types: Serum, Body Fluids, Cell Supernatant, Tissue Lysates


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