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Angiotensinogen ELISA kit
sell 2019-01-18
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John Smith
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11 The Grove, BD18 4LD
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United Kingdom
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Angiotensinogen is a hormone that is created and released by the liver, it is then broken down in the kidney by an enzyme called renin, to form angiotensin-I. These hormones and the mechanisms how they are activated is often referred to as the renin–angiotensin system. Other hormones which are also responsible for activating this system include: thyroid, corticosteroids and oestrogen. The presence of high levels of angiotensin can lead to excess fluids being retained by the body which results in the blood pressure being raised. This can ultimately lead to heart failure. On the other hand, low levels of angiotensin is linked to low blood pressure, decreased fluid retention, increased urine output, retention of potassium and loss of sodium.

Key Facts:
- Full Name: Angiotensinogen ELISA kit
- Reactivity: Human
- Senssitivity: 0.03 ng/ml
- Sample Types: Serum, Plasma, Urine, Cell Culture Media


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