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Inhibin A ELISA Kit
sell 2019-01-18
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David Brown
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11 The Grove, BD18 4LD
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United Kingdom
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Inhibin A is the major form of inhibin that is found during maternal circulation after the 4 weeks gestation period. There are many publications which indicate that inhibin A could be a better biomarker for placental function instead of the standard human chorionic gonadotropin. Elevated levels of inhibin A have also been observed in over 20% cases of epithelial tumors of the mucinous type. This Inhibin A ELISA kit is designed to aid in diagnosing and monitoring many different hormonal reproductive disorders.

Key Facts:
- Full Name: Inhibin A ELISA Kit
- Reactivity: Human
- Sensitivity: 1.0 pg/ml
- Sample Types: Serum, Plasma


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