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Proinsulin ELISA Kit
sell 2019-01-18
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David Brown
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11 The Grove, BD18 4LD
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United Kingdom
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Proinsulin is the precursor of insulin, it is an 86 amino acid peptide that is produced from the beta cells of the pancreas. The detection of proinsulin concentration in serum has been found to be instrumental to the diagnosis of insulinomas, this is indicative of the fact that patients with functional hyperinsulinemia, insulinomas, obese diabetics, hypoglycaemia syndrome and pregnant women are known to display greater levels of circulating proinsulin.
This proinsulin ELISA kit can be used to analyse the concentration of human intact proinsulin through the calculation of the molar ration of proinsulin to true insulin (P/I). This calculation is regarded as offering a better assessment of beta cell function.

Key Facts:
- Full Name: Proinsulin ELISA Kit
- Reactivity: Human
- Sensitivity: < 0.5 pmol/l
- Sample Types: Serum, Plasma


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