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Headbox For Forming Section
sell 2019-01-29
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Joyce Ge
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huatao company
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A-02-708,Yihong Building,Shijiazhuang City,China
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Open type head box
  Structure: cone duct cloth paste, organic glass,
spiral hole diffusion step, before the rectifier roll
overflow, the upper lip plate adjustment and upper lip
plate spinner indicator. The upper lip plate adopts
manual worm gear box, upper lip plate upper and lower
adjusting range 0-100mm, which is convenient for
cleaning and maintenance. T

he top of the box is equipped with water spraying
device. The rear side of the square cone is provided
with a cleaning device and a pressure balance display
tube, which are used for cleaning the step diffuser and
observing the pressure balance.

Applicable speed range: 80-280m/min

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