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Plant protection drone
sell 2019-02-11
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jerry zhang
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Taizy Machinery
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Nautical Road East, Zhengzhou Economic
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Taizy Plant Protection Machine is a high-efficiency six-rotor plant protection drone, which can effectively reduce operating costs and significantly improve work efficiency. Compared with the traditional manual spraying operation, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced, and the workers are prevented from inhaling the pesticide particles. The model has high structural strength and high working stability. The operation flight posture is stable, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the safety is reliable, and the maintenance cost is low. The closed design of the fuselage prevents pesticide particles from entering the control system and provides safety for long-term stable work. It is also equipped with Datalink 3 remote control with route mapping function, which can plan the working area and automatically spray the operation in the set area, greatly improving the operation efficiency.
Very practical; in addition, our plant protection machine has a simulated high-definition radar. For the sloped land, the drone maintains the same height operation with the ground through the radar; the position of the drug can be recorded in the operation, and the drone adds the medicine or replaces the battery. After that, you can return to the broken position to continue the spraying operation.


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