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4mm thick 5052 aluminum sheet
sell 2019-06-10
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menghao zhang
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Henan Mingtai Al.Industrial Co.,Ltd
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High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
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4mm thick 5052 aluminum sheet forging is a manufacturing process, 4mm thick 5052 aluminum sheet, which is pressed, crushed or extruded under great pressure to produce high-strength parts. Forged aluminum is ideal for applications where performance and safety are critical, but speed or energy efficiency requires a lighter metal. The forged aluminum wheel on the car is a good example. There are three types of forging process for 4mm thick 5052 aluminum sheets: open die forging, suitable for larger aluminum parts; closed die forging, ideal for more complex designs and tighter tolerances; ring forging for high strength Ring application. 1. Open die forging, ideal for processing large aluminum parts, the open molding machine does not limit the aluminum blank during the forging process, and uses a flat mold without precut profiles and designs. Aluminum blocks weighing up to 200,000 pounds and 80 feet long can be die cast to form large aluminum parts with structural integrity. While welding and joining techniques are useful in making large parts, they are not comparable to the strength or durability of forged parts. Open die forgings are only limited by the size of the starting blank.
4mm thick 5052 aluminum sheet price
The price of aluminum sheets is related to product specifications, geography, markets, and sales models.
Product Specifications----Medium-thick aluminum sheet and aluminum alloy sheet price are different, different states also affect the price, the state of the aluminum plate is different, and the price is naturally different.
Regional----Shanghai aluminum plate and Shandong aluminum plate are different in different regions. Shanghai is a first-tier city with high consumption costs, factory rents are more expensive, and prices are naturally higher.
Market ----- The price of aluminum ingot is affected by market fluctuations. The price of aluminum sheet of Taige Aluminum is mainly based on the price of Changjiang A00 aluminum ingot and the processing fee on the day of delivery. The price of aluminum ingots will rise, and the price of aluminum sheets will also rise, and vice versa.

Sales mode ----- Factory direct sales, distributors, wholesalers, the price is also different, Tiger Aluminum is factory direct sales, sales one-to-one mode, reducing unnecessary costs, the price will be lower.
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