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Metal bond Diamond Cutting Disc for Glass Cutting
sell 2019-08-09
Contact name :
Cindy Chen
Company :
Henan More Super Hard Products Co., Ltd
Address :
B906, Wanda Plaza, Zhongyuan Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
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The metal bond diamond glass blades are designed for high-speed wet cutting of sheet glass and glass tiles. Manufactured with a continuous diamond rim and a bond suitable for cutting most glass and hard vitreous materials.

Application Of Metal Bond Diamond Glass Cutting Disc:
1. Metal bond diamond glass blades for glass material;Ceramic materials;Magnetic material;Semiconductor (electronic information engineering) materials;Metal materials;Cutting and slotting of brittle metal materials. The high-precision ultra-thin cutting blade is mainly used for cutting and slotting various electronic components and precision parts in the electronic information field. It has a series of advantages such as high precision, small slitting and machining surface quality.

2. Cutting and grooving of various non-metallic materials, including: semiconductor and its packaging materials, ceramic materials, magnetic materials

3. Other materials, crystal glass quartz hard alloy printed circuit board, etc. These metal bond diamond blades are ideally suited to most portable tile saws and the bore sizes can be altered to suit individual machines.

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