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Disposable face mask with ear hangers
sell 2020-03-20
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Zhucheng Xinhe Sanitary Products Co. , Ltd.
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The disposable mask is composed of a non-woven fabric layer and a mask belt. The nonwovens layer is made of nonwovens and meltblown cloth by folding and compounding, the outer layer is nonwovens, and the inner layer is meltblown cloth. Can effectively prevent viruses, dust, haze. The bridge of nose is made of environmental protection plastic bar, without any metal, with air permeability, comfortable, especially suitable for electronic factory, daily life use. The advantages of disposable masks: light texture, good feel, soft, full of flexibility, good permeability, you can keep warm, can stretch, can absorb water, waterproof, can eliminate toxic gases, the price is also relatively low.
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