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A global B2B Marketplace
Graphite Products
sell 2009-11-04
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Peter Wang
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BGWI Carbon Graphite
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No. 1 Jinghai Road 7, Opto-Mechatronics Industrial Park, Zhongguancun
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BGWI, the high-tech carbon and graphite company group, has six plants of carbon graphite in whole China. We set up the head office in Beijing acting as technical support, production development, quality control and international market for all our plants. BGWI is very good at Technologies Exploiting, Products Developing, Quality Control and Improving, Technical Communication. Our Materials and Processing experts, including Professors, Senior Engineers and many Specialized Technicians, can offer our customers very Experienced Carbon Graphite Knowledge. Since the foundation of BGWI, we have been one of the Chinese leading Carbon and Graphite manufacturers. Today, we are growing to be one of the world's competitive Carbon and Graphite suppliers. ~

Based on the quality target of “Zero Defect and Customer Benefited”, our company has successfully cooperated with many customers worldwide. Following the company spirit of “Honesty, Devotion, Diligence and Enterprising”, we provide our customers carbon and graphite products with Enough Competitive Quality, Enough Competitive Price. With the support of advanced technologies, considerate and timely after-sale services, we have gained full trust from the end-users and been highly appreciated by our customers worldwide. BGWI is the leading company in production processes, the best quality provider in China in the following products and services:
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Aerospace Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Non-ferrous Metal Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Metallurgical Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Heat Treating and Furnace Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Chemical Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Ceramics and Glass and Quartz Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Mechanical Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Semiconductor and Electronic Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for EDM Industry
• Carbon Graphite Products and Services for Daily Life Applications

The unique combination of physical and chemical properties has already made our graphite a most remarkable and attractive material for the modern technologies mentioned. Furthermore, certain physical characteristics can be matched to given specifications by varying the raw materials and manufacturing processes. We manufacture and offer a wide range of Carbon Graphite materials as follows:
• Recovery Graphite
• Spectrographic Pure Graphite
• Vibration Molded Graphite
• Extruded Graphite
• Molded Graphite
• Isostatically Molded Graphite
• Further processing graphite materials are available, such as Purified graphite,
Impregnated graphite, Oxidation resistant graphite, etc.
• Flexible Graphite

In the meantime, we have the Chinese largest carbon graphite research team for Advanced Carbon Materials Science including:
• Carbon-Carbon Composite
• Pyrolytic Graphite
• Carbon nanotubes: Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs), Double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWNTs) and Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs)

We keep on expanding our business scope, strengthening the connections with our customers and develop synchronously with all of the customers, the staff members and the enterprise. We are looking forward to the opportunity in supporting you with carbon and graphite projects. Any enquiry from you will be much appreciated and replied within 48 hours. Moreover, any urgent E-mail or Fax will get our answer within 24 hours. The extraordinary urgent situation will get our response even within 4 hours. Our business unit organizational structure ensures that customers receive the concentrated technical support required for the on time delivery of quality, cost-competitive carbon graphite products.
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