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Pyrolysis plant convert plastic to oil
sell 2018-03-13
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y pyrolysis plant convert plastic to oil machine to generate fuel from waste plastics, the whole pyrolysis process is simple and safe. The whole production process is operated under normal pressure. The raw materials available for the plant don’t need to be cleaned, and can be directly fed into pyrolysis reactor along with raw materials for heating, catalysis, pyrolysis, cooling and forms finished fuel oil.

Have you heard of pyrolysis plant can convert waste plastic into oil? That's right, DoingGroup already has a very mature cracking device that heats waste plastics at high temperatures to crack fuel, carbon black and combustible gases.

Perhaps some people do not know too much about the pyrolysis plant convert waste plastic to oil.
The specific operating procedures for the equipment are as follows:

1. The waste plastic into the reactor by automatic push device.
2. Reactor with fuel heating, reaching a certain temperature, waste plastics began to crack into oil and gas.

3. These oil and gas will enter the condensing system, a part of which will be liquefied and flow into the oil tank. The other part will be liquefied through the condensing system to liquefy into heavy oil and flow into the tank.

4. The resulting heavy oil will be filtered through the dedusting and deodorizing device. Remove fumes, dust particles generated during combustion of the fuel.

5. Wait until the temperature in the kettle drops below 40 ° C and remove the carbon black from the kettle.

Know the working principle of pyrolysis plant convert waste plastic to oil, the pyrolysis plant may be more interested in the profits.

1. Fuel oil: Mainly used in steel plants, boiler heating, heavy oil generators, cement plants.

2. Carbon black: mainly used for pressure ball burning and refined milling. Which refined flour and can be used for new tires, rubber soles, pigment manufacturing materials.

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