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Forming fabrics for paper making
sell 2018-10-11
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Oasis Fabrix
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Commonly known as 2.5-layer forming fabric, extra support double layer forming fabrics are to further improve the characteristics of double-layer design. It's a standard double layer forming fabric with an additional weft yarn on the sheet side of the fabric. There is an improvement in sheet formation, smoothness, reduction of wire mark and better cleaning of the showers. Extra support double layer forming fabrics are commonly used in newsprint and fine papers production or in applications that use very short fibers.

2.5 layer forming fabrics can be woven in 8, 16 or 24 shed patterns. The weave design offers a uniform distribution of fibers and provides outstanding drainage capacity as a result of high top surface open area. The large diameter of weft yarns and long crimp on machine side provides excellent wear resistance and runability. The 2.5 layer forming fabric has the features of excellent fiber support, sheet formation and high drainage.

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