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Installation the sand washing facility
sell 2020-02-12
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Mr. Hourui
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Luoyang Longzhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Installation sand washing facility

Installation, adjustment, and operation of sand washing machine. This machine is assembled by the manufacturer and supplied after passing the empty car test. The user should carefully check after receiving the goods. In order to timely find and eliminate the problems that may be caused during transportation, the machine should pay attention to when installing, adjusting and operating:

1. Due to the high torque of the machine, it is recommended to install the machine on a concrete foundation. Embedded weldments are installed on the foundation for welding during installation. The foundation depth and area are calculated separately according to the soil conditions. Times, machine installation dimensions refer to the basic drawing.

2. After installation, check whether the gears of the reducer are shifted and whether the gap between the water tank and the large bucket is consistent. After adjustment, weld the machine to the foundation.

3. A lubricating oil should be added and the height of the oil level should be adjusted. Generally, it is better to take 50% below the center of the shaft.

4. After the machine is installed and adjusted, the test runs. The no-load test run should reach:
1) Continuous operation for 2 hours:
2) All solid parts should be firm without looseness;
3) There are no abnormal sounds from the reducer and gearbox.

5. In addition to the no-load test requirements, the load test should also meet the following requirements:
1) When feeding, do not make the material strongly impact the water tank, do not allow unbalanced loading and fill the water tank to avoid damage to the bucket and the body.
2) The maximum degree of feeding is in accordance with the design requirements.

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