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popcorn chicken production line
sell 2020-07-10
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Lolita Zhang
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Taizy machinery equipment co. LTD
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Nautical Road East, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, Henan, China
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+86 173 0382 1432
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The chicken popcorn production line produces unique rice popcorn by dicing raw materials, battering, powdering the drum, frying, and air-drying.

The automatic chicken popcorn production line is suitable for meat, aquatic products, vegetables, cheese, and their mixtures. The production line needs to be equipped with pre-processing equipment and post-processing equipment: ground meat, mixing, frying, packaging, and other equipment. The salt crisp chicken popcorn production line and these supporting equipment form a complete fast food conditioning production line.

Features of the production line equipment:

Features of chicken popcorn production line:
1. The whole machine is made of imported stainless steel, crafted and durable
2. Adopt an Intelligent digital display thermostat, which is convenient and practical.
3. The residue is automatically filtered using an oil-water mixing technique. This extends the oil change cycle and can significantly reduce oil costs.
4. Use automatic temperature control to avoid overheating, no residue, increase acid value, black oil formation, and greatly reduce smoke during operation.
5. Adopts partition temperature control, effectively separates inferior oil, fried a variety of foods with complementary odor, and used for multiple purposes.

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