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Alloy composition of different 5052 aluminum plates
sell 2020-07-12
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HXX status
The first digit of dao after H indicates the basic processing to obtain the status
The procedure is as follows:
H1—Simple work hardening state. It is applicable to the state where the required strength can be obtained only after work hardening without additional heat treatment.

H2—The state of work hardening and incomplete annealing. Applicable to products whose work hardening degree exceeds the requirements of the finished product, and the strength is reduced to the specified index after incomplete annealing.

H3—Work hardened and stabilized. It is suitable for products whose mechanical properties are stabilized by heat treatment after work hardening or due to heat during processing. The H3 state only applies to alloys that gradually soften at room temperature (unless stabilized).

H4—Work hardened and painted. Applicable to products that are not fully annealed after painting treatment after work hardening.

For alloys naturally softened at room temperature, H2 has the same minimum ultimate tensile strength value as corresponding H3; for other alloys, H2 has the same minimum ultimate tensile strength value as corresponding H1, but the elongation is slightly higher than H1 .

The second digit after H indicates the work hardening degree of the product. The number 8 indicates the hard state. Usually the minimum tensile strength of the O state and the difference in strength specified in Table 2 are used to specify the minimum tensile strength of HX8. For the state between O (annealed) and HX8 state, the numbers from 1 to 7 should be added after the HX code, and the number 9 after HX is added to indicate the super-hard state that is more work-hardened than HX8. HXX subdivision status code and corresponding work hardening degree.

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