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The choice of 6061 aluminum plate manufacturers Mingtai Aluminum
sell 2020-10-15
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6061 aluminum plate has better anti-rust effect and strong hardness, but how to choose 6061 aluminum plate manufacturer? What are the characteristics of high-quality 6061 aluminum sheet manufacturers?

Mingtai Aluminum is a 6061 aluminum plate manufacturer. The 6061 aluminum alloy produced can be processed with a thickness of 0.2-500mm and a maximum width of 2800mm. Commonly used states are T6 and T651. T651 eliminates internal stress and is a high-quality aluminum sheet product that has undergone heat treatment and pre-stretching process, and is the most suitable state for processing. Among them, the more commonly used are 6061-T6 and T651, the most widely used specifications are within 1650mm in width, within 12000 in length, and commonly used thickness is 1-200mm.

1.6061 aluminum plate performance and quality

6061 is the representative of the 6 series aluminum plate, take a look at its national standard elements. Si 0.4-0.8, Mg 0.8-1.2 From the point of view of its composition, the proportion of magnesium and silicon is relatively large, so the composition determines that the 6061 aluminum plate has a better anti-rust effect and strong hardness. Although the magnesium content of the 6061 aluminum sheet is not as high as that of the 5083 aluminum sheet, the 6061 aluminum sheet, as a heat-treatable aluminum sheet, is processed into T4 or T6 state after quenching at high temperature and rapid cooling, and the hardness will rise sharply.

2.6061 aluminum sheet manufacturers strength

6061 aluminum plate has high requirements for production equipment due to its large specifications, and general small and medium-sized aluminum plate production equipment cannot meet the production requirements.

3. Logistics and after-sales service

As a well-known domestic aluminum plate and strip 6061 aluminum plate manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum has a strong self-distribution system with sufficient vehicles and personnel to meet the one-stop logistics services of various provinces across the country. The strong service system provides a strong guarantee for product transportation and after-sales service.

6061 alloy aluminum plate is currently a kind of aluminum plate with a wide range of uses in the market. When purchasing 6061 aluminum plate, you can pay attention to these selection points. Later sales are fully guaranteed

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