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Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe
sell 2021-01-13
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Carbon steel pipe mainly refers to the carbon mass fraction is less than 2.11% without containing deliberately added alloying elements of steel, with the level of carbon contained in a steel being one of the most important factors to be influence on its the strength of the steel, the hardness increases, and reduces ductility, toughness and weld ability. Besides, it generally also contain a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus in addition to carbon. Compared to other types of steel, it is the earliest, low cost, wide range of performance, the largest amount. Suitable for nominal pressure PN ≤ 32.0MPa, temperature -30-425 ℃ water, steam, air, hydrogen, ammonia, nitrogen and petroleum products, and other media. Carbon steel pipe is the earliest to use the largest amount of basic material in modern industry. The world’s industrial countries, in efforts to increase high strength low alloy steel and alloy steel production, which is also very attention to improving the quality and expanding the range of varieties and use. Proportion of the production in the countries’ total output of steel, approximately maintained at about 80%, it is not only widely used in buildings, bridges, railways, vehicles, ships and all kinds of machinery manufacturing industry, but also in the modern petrochemical industry, marine development, has also been heavily used.

Carbon steel pipe is used for conveying oil , gas and other fluids. Standard: API SPEC 5L,ISO 3183,ASTM A 53M,ASTM A 106M,JIS G 3454,JIS G 3455, JIS G 3456

Standard: API SPEC 5L,ISO 3183,ASTM A 53M,ASTM A 106M,JIS G 3454,JIS G 3455, JIS G 3456

Uses: For conveying gas, water and oil either in the oil or natural gas industries


SMLS: Φ10.3~1016×1.7~52mm

WELD: Φ219~2134×5~52mm
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