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Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets
sell 2021-01-13
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Hebei Heruida International Trade Co., Ltd.
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Hebei Heruida International Trade Co., Ltd.
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Vitamin C effervescent tablets are medicines made of Super Vitamin C Tablets, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, glucose and other substances. Many people take vitamin C effervescent tablets as a daily nutritional supplement or a medicine to relieve fatigue. It is very convenient and popular with everyone. Vitamin C has the following functions to the human body:

1. Prevent and treat colds

Vitamin C can prevent colds and cure colds. In cold seasons, taking about 1g of vitamin C daily can prevent colds. Regarding its effect in treating colds, in addition to reducing symptoms, it can also shorten the course of the disease and achieve speedy recovery. The earlier the medication, the better the effect.

2. Sterilization and anti-virus

Chewable Vitamin C can improve the bactericidal and antiviral ability of neutrophils and lymphocytes. White blood cells are rich in vitamin C. When the body is infected, the VC in the white blood cells decreases sharply. VC can enhance the chemotaxis and deformability of neutrophils, and improve the bactericidal ability. Long-term use can improve immunity for the elderly.

In addition, vitamin C also participates in redox reactions and promotes tissue repair.

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