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Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil
sell 2021-01-13
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Sea buckthorn fruit oil is a pure natural medical and health care oil separated from sea buckthorn fruit. 250mL sea buckthorn oil is equivalent to 100Kg Sea Buckthorn Concentrate Juice.

What is the medical effect of sea buckthorn fruit oil on the human body?

Seabuckthorn fruit oil can achieve antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects by enhancing the immune activity of the body's natural killer cells and phagocytes. Seabuckthorn flavonoids, vitamin E, carotene and other ingredients contained in seabuckthorn fruit oil are involved in this process.

What is the difference between the anti-inflammatory mechanism of sea buckthorn fruit oil and antibiotics?

The anti-inflammatory mechanism of Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil is completely different from that of antibiotics. It has no harm to the human body and does not produce drug resistance. It achieves the sterilization effect by mobilizing and strengthening the immune system.

What medical records in China record the medical value of seabuckthorn?

It was a commonly used medicine in Tibet and Mongolia in the fifth century BC. It is recorded in Four Medical Books, Yao Wang Yao Zhen, and Compendium of Materia Medica.

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