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Features and Uses of Geomembrane
sell 2021-02-22
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Geomembrane is mainly divided into two categories: HDPE film and LDPE Film. High-quality polyethylene resin is selected as the raw material. The geomembrane uses plastic film as the impermeable base material and is composited with non-woven fabric. The impermeability of the film mainly depends on the impermeability of the plastic film.

In fact, in many places, groundwater will constantly seep upwards due to some water pressure problems, which may lead to some major offline situations in many houses. So in order to prevent this kind of problem, some older-style The method is to lay a foundation through some waterproof membranes. In this way, a waterproof effect can be achieved, but the waterproof effect of this material is not particularly significant, so I will slowly use the geomembrane. Kinds of products. Geomembrane products will become very common in more and more construction industry fields.
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