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Zinc Ash Recovery Furnace
sell 2021-06-09
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Hongqi An
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Hebei Annuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
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Xinzhaidian Industrial Zone
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Zinc Ash Recovery Furnace zinc ash recovery machine Zinc Ash Separator zinc ash regeneration unit

Product Application
Hot Melt Type Zinc Ash Separator is a kind of equipment which is used to recycle free zinc from zinc ash in hot dip galvanizing workshop. It can recycle above 95% of free zinc particles from zinc ash and the recycled zinc can be directly added into zinc pot. The rest of the zinc oxide ash is sold to zinc chemical enterprise. According to different content of free zinc in zinc ash, the 300-700kg zinc is generally separated from 1000kg zinc ash. It adopts advanced practical technology of improving the utilization rate of zinc and reducing zinc consumption. It also can be applied in recycling free metal of tin, lead, aluminum alloy etc.

The hot dip galvanizing process consists in submerging metal products in a molten zinc bath. The hot dip galvanizing plant can be designed as per the max. If you need, Please click here.

Our website:www.annuogalvanizing.com

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