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FRP storage tank winding equipment
sell 2021-07-20
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Beijing Xingguangyate Transmission Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
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406, 4th Floor, Building 5, No. 28, Jingsheng South First Street, Tongzhou District
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FRP storage tank winding equipment
Product Description
The FRP winding equipment (also known as continuous winding FRP pipe production line), FRP pipe winding equipment is mainly composed of a one-stop automatic continuous pipeline production line composed of winding-feeding-curing-support-anti-torsion-cutting-discharging equipment.
The continuous winding process of glass fiber reinforced plastic winding equipment is to produce GRP pipes and storage tanks in a continuous manner. It is to apply a glass fiber reinforced plastic mixed layer to a continuous forming mold of a moving steel belt. The mold is composed of a continuous line wound on a horizontal mandrel. Formed by a rigid belt. A layer of lining film is wound on the mold, and resin/sand (raw materials such as direct yarn, cut yarn, quartz sand, polyester resin, etc.) are pre-mixed and continuously distributed to the appropriate position of the mold at the same time. Finally, a layer of sheet is used The veil---the pipe is transported to the curing position after winding---on-line cutting and polishing are completed.

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