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French Fries Processing Machine |French Fries Making Machine
sell 2021-09-11
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Shuliy Machinery
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+86 19139761487
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The french fries processing machine also named French Fries Production Line, french fries making machine, small french fries plant, and semi-automatic french fry lines, which is composed of a series of french fries machines for making frozen french fries, potato chips, french-fried potatoes in large scale. This french fries processing line can be designed with both the semi-automatic french fries production line and the full-automatic french fries plant based on the customers’ requirements for different french fries or potato chips production yields. The main processing crafts for making french fries are washing and peeling, slicing, blanching, dewatering, deep-frying, deoiling, flavoring and cooling, and packing.

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