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Hand Towel Folding Machine
sell 2021-10-12
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The full name of the Fold Facial tissue and Hand Towel Folding Machine is the boxed facial tissue machine. It is the most common type of boxed facial tissue machinery and equipment. It processes the slitted paper into a facial tissue that is alternately folded into a facial tissue. After it is boxed, it becomes a boxed facial tissue machine. When in use, it is taken out one by one from the box, which is convenient and trouble-free. The boxed facial tissue folding machine adopts vacuum adsorption, automatic counting and stacking device, which has the advantages of fast speed and accurate quantity. It is an advanced equipment for boxed facial tissue production.
Hand Towel Folding Machine slitting system:
It is composed of a saw band, a belt wheel, and a working plate. The working plate is equipped with a product size adjustment device, so that the product can be adjusted.
Hand Towel Folding Machine Folding forming: With the operation of the main motor, the crank arm mechanism of the folding manipulator is coordinated to produce, the yaw angle, the position of the adjustable crank arm and the length of the connecting rod are adjusted for adjustment (after the folding forming is fixed, it is not necessary to adjust).
Counting and stacking: adjust the budget number of the counting controller, when the number reaches a fixed value, the relay drives the cylinder to produce the displacement of the finished product outlet platen.

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