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Fireproof Expansion Tape
sell 2021-10-25
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fuzhen wang
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Hebei Huiteng Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.
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7a-102, Dongsheng Business Plaza, 158 Ping'an North Street, Chang'an District
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Fireproof Expansion Fireproof Expansion Tape Fireproof Expansion Tape Supplier

Product Description
Fireproof expansion sealing strip series
Shijiazhuang Hui Mai Technology Co. , LtdĀ  has successfully completed the upgrade of composite sealing strip after two years of research and development, and officially launched the Latest technology products-composite fireproof expansion sealing strip. Its advent has completely changed the current existence of a single fire barrier in the world
The various drawbacks of the fire prevention and sealing are truly integrated, and the fire prevention performance is more excellent.
Unique superiority
Passed rigorous type inspection of 11 major items of the National Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and Refractory Components Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
The expansion ratio of 20 times is much higher than the expansion ratio of ordinary fire strips, and the fire performance is more excellent
Excellent sealing effect, real fire protection and sealing are combined into one
Adopt the most advanced gluing process, with self-adhesive to prevent falling off
Does not react with all paints and detergents, SGS environmental protection and non-toxic certification
Unique V-shaped design, more beautiful after installation, realizing dynamic sealing
Significant sound insulation, noise reduction, heat preservation and energy saving performance
Rich color options
white, light yellow, brown, black, silver gray

China sealing strip manufacturer specializes in producing sealing strips of various materials, which can be used for car door seals, door and window seals, etc. if necessary, please contact us!

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