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Double Hardness Rubber
sell 2021-10-25
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fuzhen wang
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Hebei Huiteng Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.
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7a-102, Dongsheng Business Plaza, 158 Ping'an North Street, Chang'an District
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Double Hardness Rubber Double Hardness Rubber Seal Dual Durometer Rubber Dual Durometer Rubber Profiles

Product Description
Specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of dual-hardness rubber and seals, co-extrusion dual-hardness, co-extrusion rubber profiles, dual-hardness EPDM rubber profiles, dual-hardness rubber extrusions, dual-hardness EPDM seals and gaskets, industrial rubber seals Pieces and dual hardness tester, used in automobile industry, door and window industry.
The main material is EPDM dense sponge rubber, which can be extruded into profiles of various shapes and sizes. Our customized EPDM rubber compound has very good compression set, high tensile strength, excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet light, water, steam, high and low temperature resistance.
We can provide continuous-length dual-hardness rubber extrudates, and can also be precisely cut to specific lengths as required. We also provide various secondary applications for rubber extrusion services, post-curing processes; including splicing, slotting, Braid, PSA/3M adhesive, coating, flocking and corner forming.

Hebei Huimai Sealing Parts Co., Ltd. (formerly Hebei Phaeton Sealing Parts Factory) is a manufacturing enterprise integrating production, research and development, and sales. The main products are: rubber sealing strips, injection molded parts, molded parts, flame retardant products, oil-resistant products, and silicone , Fluorine rubber and other products, suitable for sealing strips and seals in the fields of automobiles, ships, machinery and equipment, bridges and electronics.

Our website:www.huitengrubber.com

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