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LC with higher ordinary refractive index
sell 2022-01-13
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Qingdao QY Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd
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zhengyang road 196
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LC with higher ordinary refractive index

15 years of PDLC liquid crystal production experience.
Qingdao QY Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of
liquid crystal material and Nematic liquid crystal in China, especially for PDLC materials.

LC with higher ordinary refractive index
liquid crystal Mixture QYPDLC-036
Lower Operating Temperature Tkn(C) <-10
Upper Operating Temperature Tni(C) 95
Birefringence(589nm,20C) 0.2501
Ordinary Refractive Index (No)(589nm,20C) 1.521
Electrical properties V90(VAC),0,20(V) 1.524
Electrical properties V10(VAC),0,20(V) 2.247

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