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EE High Frequency Transformer
sell 2022-05-13
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EE High Frequency Transformer
EE Type transformer is kind of high frequency transformer. High frequency transformer is the power transformer whose working frequency exceeds the medium frequency (10kHz). It is mainly used as high frequency switching power transformer in high frequency switching power supply, but also used as high frequency inverter power supply and high frequency inverter welding machine.According to the working frequency, it can be divided into several grades: 10khz-50khz, 50khz-100khz, 100kHz ~ 500kHz, 500kHz ~ 1MHz, 10MHz or above.

What are high frequency transformers?
Transformers, whether high or low frequency, are designed to handle volts accurately and safely, converting voltage and current between coils via magnetic induction.The taotal transmitted energy is related to the material, structure, size and operating frequency of the transformer. If the transmitted energy is a fixed value, the working frequency is high, the number of times of energy transmission in a certain period of time is large. The two kind of transformers can not be mixly used for different frequencies.
The high-frequency transformer is applied in high-frequency circuits for operating frequency about 10KHz ~ 200KHz. They use ferrite cores. The most common high-frequency transformers are the magnetic antenna of the radio and the high-frequency switching power supply transformer.
As a professional manufacturer for all kinds of transformers, Sitong can provide best price wholeale high performance transformers with custom and thoughtful sfter-sale service. For detailed information, welcome to contact us!

Features and applications of high frequency transformers:
High-frequency transformer have small size, cost saving, high transmission power, low leakage inductance, wide frequency range, low temperature rise and stable performancethe, perfect for switch power supply, inverter power supply, power meters, Telecom, and inverter welding machine etc.

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