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Cleaner for Pulp Making
sell 2022-06-16
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Shijiazhuang Huatao Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd
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No.298 Zhonghua North Street,Xinhua District,Shijiazhuang
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0086 133 3138 4775
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High Consistency Cleaner
High Consistency Cleaner can eliminate heavy impurities larger than 3mm in diameter from recycled paper stock.
As a coarse screening equipment,it is usually a down- stream equipment of hydrapulper. It can also be installed as an important equipment to ensure the operation of down-stream processing equipments.

Low Consistency Cleaner
HT series low consistency cleaner is suitable for cleaning fiber suspen- sion with the consistency of 0.4-1.2%. It can efficiently
remove light impurities, hot melt impurities, heavy impurities, pulp rejects etc. In addition, it can also remove foam plastics, chips
fragments., ink particles and air efficiently,which results in purifying stock in the approach system prior to paper machine.
It can make coarse screen in the recycled paper fiber efficiently,simplify the processing procedures and reduce power consumption.

More details contact us:
Huatao Group - Paper Machine And Fabrics
Web: www.papermakingtech.com
Email: maple@huataogroup.com
Tel: 0086 0311 80690567
Mob: 0086 133 3138 4775

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