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Hot Rolled Pickled Steel
sell 2022-06-21
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Sam Zhao
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Shanghai hanxi industry and technology co.,ltd
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No.111, Songqiao East Road, Baoshan District
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The hot rolled pickled steel removes the surface oxide scale, improves the surface quality, and is convenient for oiling, welding, and painting. It is mainly used in automobile, hardware, general machinery and other industries. Hot-rolled pickled steel plates and strips are more and more used in automobile manufacturing.
Basic Information of Hanxi Hot Rolled Pickled Steel
While hot rolled steel has many applications, there is residual scaling that is formed on the steel’s surface during the cooling process. This scale is mostly a by-product of the carbon in the steel. Some applications and manufacturing processes are incompatible with this scale and therefore pickling of the steel is required to create a more desirable working surface of the material.
Hot rolled pickled steel is produced when hot rolled steel is immersed in an acid bath to remove the scale, a process known as pickling. After the pickling is complete, a layer of oil is applied to the steel’s surface to prevent rust formation or oxidization. Free of scale and oiled to prevent corrosion and formation of rust, hot rolled pickled steel has a clean and smooth surface that can be used in a variety of applications.

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