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Cold Rolled Steel
sell 2022-06-21
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Sam Zhao
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Shanghai hanxi industry and technology co.,ltd
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No.111, Songqiao East Road, Baoshan District
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Basic Introduction of Cold Rolled Steel
Cold rolled steel is hot-rolled steel that has been cleaned of iron oxide scale (pickled) and reduced to a specific thickness through a series of rolling stands (tandem mill) or passed back and forth through a reversing rolling mill. The steel can be heated to controlled temperatures (annealing) depending on mechanical property requirements, and final rolled to the desired thickness.
This produces steel with precision dimensional tolerances and a wide range of controlled surface finishes. Use Cold-rolled steel where thickness tolerance, surface condition, and uniform mechanical properties are of the utmost importance.
Hanxi Steel offers a wide range of cold rolled specialty alloy, high carbon, low carbon, and high strength low alloy precision tolerance strip steel.
Looking for a cost-effective and readily available alternative to cold-rolled steel? Hanxi Steel is a great option for many old & new customers! We will be glad to help you select the exact grade for your Cold Rolled Steel.
Baosteel Cold Rolled Steel from Hanxi Steel
BaoSteel Cold-rolled products are mainly used for high value-added products such as automotive sheets, home appliance sheets, tin-plated sheets, color-coated sheets, and electrical steel.
Specifications of Cold Rolled Steel
The cold rolled low carbon steel and ultra-low carbon steel
Nominal thickness: 0.30mm ~ 0.35mm, nominal width: 700mm~1850mm
High-strength low alloy steel plates and strips
Nominal thickness: 0.45mm ~ 2.0mm, nominal width: 800mm~1850mm
High-strength dual-phase steel:
Nominal thickness: 0.60mm ~ 2.00mm, nominal width: 800mm~1730mm

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