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Hybrid brew type sorghum Ji Waxy No.6
sell 2022-09-21
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Xiao Zhang
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Hebei Dayu Seeds Co.,Ltd.
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Northeast Corner, Nanhuan Road, Qing Xian
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Product Name: Ji Waxy No.6
Price: 400G $16.67

The growth period is 108 days in spring and 95 days in summer. The seedlings are green, the average plant height is 170 cm, the panicle length is about 40 cm, the panicle grain weight is 75g, the thousand grain weight is 28g, brown shell and red grain, spindle-shaped panicle, and the panicle type is slightly scattered.

Dayu sorghum seeds Description
Main characters
Hybrid, brew type. The growth period is 108 days in spring and 95 days in summer. The seedlings are green, the average plant height is 170 cm, the ear length is about 40 cm, the ear grain weight is 75 g, the 1000 grain weight is 28 g, the brown shell is red, the spindle ear, and the ear type is slightly scattered. Resistance to head smut. The total starch content is 75%, the crude fat content is 3.5%, and the tannin content is 1.03%.
Main cultivation measures
In the southern sorghum region of China, spring sowing is from March 25 to April 15, and summer sowing is no later than June 15. In the northern region, sowing is generally at the end of April and early May when the ground temperature is stable at 12 ℃. Appropriate shallow sowing, sowing depth of about 3cm, planting density of 6000 ~ 7000 plants / mu. Fertilizer should be applied with more base fertilizer, more organic fertilizer and topdressing early. Fertilization is generally completed before jointing stage. Precautions: control aphids in the middle and late stage.
Adaptability of Sweet Sorghum Seed
Wide adaptability, suitable for planting at sowing time in various regions and cultivation with reference to local planting habits. In order to avoid reducing the germination rate during storage, please store it in a dark, cold and dry place and use it in the near future.
Suitable planting area and season
It can be planted in spring and summer. It requires an active accumulated temperature of ≥ 10 ° C (2500-2600). It has drought resistance, aphid resistance, salt and alkali resistance, strong lodging resistance and is suitable for mechanized harvest.

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