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Big size FRP GRP Chemical storage tank
sell 2022-09-22
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Sherry Lee
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Hebei Dongding Chemical Trade Co., Ltd
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No.398 Kaiyuan Road, Jizhou District, Hengshui City, Hebei
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FRP chemical storage tank (also known as FRP chemical storage vessel), is manufactured by filament winding process and designed to store high corrosive chemicals like acids, alkalis, alcohols, mineral oils and esters. It can used at high temperature, under high pressure and performs well in preventing seepage, leakage and overflowing.
We offer FRP storage tanks in various dimensions and colors to meet your requirements. In addition, FRP chemical storage tanks can also be offered with suitable agitators, ladder, gear box, electric motor and other accessories.
FRP chemical storage tank can prevent seepage, leakage and overflowing
No. Volume
(m3) Size(mm)
DN*Height Medium Weight
(kg) Temperature
1 10 Φ2000*3700 Dilute sulfuric acid 750.7 0-60
2 20 Φ2500*4700 Dilute nitric acid 1036.4 0-60
3 30 Φ3000*5000 Sodium silicate 1644.8 0-60
4 45 Φ3500*5200 Ammonium sulfate 2380.9 0-60
5 60 Φ3800*5600 Hydrochloric acid 3117 0-60
6 70 Φ4000*6500 Caustic soda 3725.6 0-60
7 100 Φ4000*8500 Sulfuric acid 5197.2 0-60
8 230 Φ5500*9280 Hot hydrochloric acid 12473.3 0-80
9 500 Φ9000*10512 Hydrochloric acid 24905 0-60

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