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3.5 to 10.1 Inch ITO Technology Multi-touch Screen
sell 2023-01-18
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Brook Huang
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Dongguan Yunshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Room 301, building 8, No.74, Chang'an Zhen'an East Road, Chang'an Town
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These small size PCAP touchscreen is ITO touch sensor optically bonded on a strengthend front glass. For single-touch PCAP touch panel, sensor layer is usually single-layer ITO film. For multi-touch screen, the sensor layer is usually ITO glass or two-layer ITO film. The front glass is recommended to be chemically strengthed technology, which features perfect smoothness, above 6H surface hardness.


GF (glass-on-film), singl-touch, ITO touch sensor film optically laminated with cover glass.

GG (glass-on-glass), ITO technology PCAP touchscreen sensor glass optically bonded with strengthened front glass, supporting multi-touch.

GFF (glass-on-film-on-film), ITO technology film-on-film PCAP touch sensor optically bonded with armored glass, supporting multi-touch.


COB (chip on board), touch IC from ILITEK, USB/RS232/IIC interface connectors are soldered on the controller board.

COF (chip on flexible cable), touch IC from GOODIX, FOCALTECH, ILITEK, EET, IIC interface.

Touch Points

Single-touch, Multi-touch, finger touch, supporting thin-gloved hand touch (latex gloves for example).

Surface Hardness: 6H

Transmittance: >85%

Operating Temperature: -10ºC ~ 60ºC, <85%HR

Storage Temperature: -20ºC ~ 70ºC, <85%HR

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